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Who we are...

We are a Christian, family owned and operated third party carrier provider. We are certified by WBENC as a woman owned business partnering with manufacturers, distributors and shippers of all sizes to provide customized transportation solutions that meet their specific needs. We don't focus on having the most carriers; we focus on having the best! Rettig, Inc.'s carrier partners must meet and maintain stringent guidelines including: authority, insurance, safety rating, high service standards, technology requirements and quality equipment requirements.

Knowledge is power! We take time to understand the smallest details and what you feel is important concerning your freight. Our experienced staff of logistics professionals is dedicated to offering superior service and takes tremendous pride in the role they play in our customer's supply chain.

                                                          "My goal is not to be the biggest, just the best."

                                                                After 18 yrs in the service industry I took a job with a local freight brokerage. I loved the transportation business but I had a                                                                 real problem with the casual lack of ethics common in the industry. I felt then and still feel today everyone deserves the                                                                 truth, the shipper and the carrier.

I opened an expedited freight company in 2000 called JS & Son Hotshots. When my customers discovered I had a freight brokerage background, I was asked to broker truckload freight. I obtained brokerage authority and then I employed the only people I could trust with my vision of being an ethical alternative to business as usual in the transportation industry, my family.

It has been 14 years and we are still growing strong. We have loyal customers and carriers because we never take our them for granted, never promise what we know we can't deliver and offer true 24 hour dispatch. Our customers have the home and cell numbers of the decision makers to ensure constant, reliable  communication.

Susan Rettig

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This "small Brokerage company" seemed to be the one that always stayed late, arrived early and answered the midnight calls...Without this woman's small company, we wouldn't be as successful as we are.”

Bob Dunsmore
LCS Penske Logistics
Pendergrass, GA

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